About Julie

Julie Herres is on a mission to inspire every private practice to be profitable. Over the last several years, that dream has become reality as Julie and her team have helped hundreds of private practice owners take their profit first and gain financial freedom. As the owner of GreenOak Accounting, Julie leads her firm with this goal in mind, providing tax, accounting and Profit First consulting services to private practices across the United States. Julie is also a Certified Profit First Professional, an IRS Enrolled Agent, a speaker and the host of the Therapy For Your Money podcast.

Julie Herres: Detailed Bio

Julie Herres is the founder and CEO of GreenOak Accounting, a firm that exclusively serves therapists, psychologists, and counselors in private practice across the United States. Over the years, Julie and her team have worked with hundreds of private practice owners and developed serious knowledge about what makes a practice financially successful. GreenOak’s goal is to help practice owners feel comfortable with the financial side of their businesses and have profitable practices. Some of the firm’s biggest success stories were achieved through implementing Profit First.

Julie is an accountant and an IRS enrolled agent (EA). She is also a speaker and the host of the Therapy for Your Money podcast. 

Julie Herres: Quick Bio

Julie Herres is an expert in Profit First who has helped hundreds of private practice owners gain financial freedom. Founder of GreenOak Accounting, the country’s largest firm serving the mental health industry, Julie is an accountant, consultant, speaker, and host of the Therapy for Your Money podcast. Connect with Julie at:

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Profit First for Therapists

For therapists, profit is too often an afterthought. You focus on caring for clients and paying rent and clinicians, and take home the leftovers—if there are any. In Profit First for Therapists, Julie Herres adapts the popular Profit First cash flow system specifically for private practice owners. Through client stories and case studies, powerful frameworks, and simple tips, she lays out a clear path to profitability.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Implement Profit First in your therapy practice, step by step

  • Determine spending guidelines for various stages of private practice

  • Scale your space, your people, and your leadership positions

  • Manage clinician compensation, your group practice’s largest expense

No matter the size of your practice, or whether you’ve read Profit First, this book will give you the tools you need to stop worrying about money and achieve financial freedom.

Every practice deserves to be profitable!