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Unlocking Profit First: Taking Control of your Practice Finances

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Inside you'll learn:
  • How to implement Profit First in your practice
  • Profit First principles
  • Bank accounts you'll need to implement Profit First 
  • Target allocations for each stage of practice
  • How much Profit you can expect
  • Why your practice deserves to be profitable
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"More than a financial guide; it's a roadmap for understanding, managing, and subsequently maximizing the profitability of your private practice."


"The application of the principles in this book has empowered me to take control of the financial side of my practice and given me the confidence to explore my financial potential in other aspects of my life."

B. Shurn

"No matter what size your practice is (solo, small group, medium group, or large ground) you can use the give your practice the ability to thrive."
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